I am entering a new relationship

Congratulations, you’ve made a commitment to a new partner! We wish you every happiness.

Without out wanting to sound too unromantic however, if you’re marrying or moving in with someone, you might want to think about protecting your current or future assets with a pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreement.

At Bayside Collaborative family lawyers, we know that suggesting a cohabitation agreement or a pre-nuptial agreement to your partner can be difficult, but we’re ready to talk with you about ways you might raise the issue.

Then, when you’re ready, we’ll prepare a binding family law agreement for you and your partner that takes into account the need to balance your future self-protection against the importance of preserving your relationship.

Pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreements are often negotiated by way of collaborative practice – where you and your partner and your family lawyers sit around the table to discuss what is important to each of you and both of you together.

If you don’t want a full collaborative process, we can guide you in sensitively discussing issues with your partner, either yourself, or by us communicating with them directly or with their lawyer.

If you and your partner already know what you want, we can provide you with the necessary family law advice (required pursuant to the Family Law Act to be provided prior to signing) and then document the agreement for you.

come and see us for a free first consultation to discuss your needs.

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