We understand separation will be a tough time for you and we’re here to guide and support you. We’re fortunate to have helped many before you:

“Jane, despite knowing you in the most trying times in my life, I have always looked forward to seeing you. I think you are a lovely person doing a wonderful job. You are a true professional and I really admire you and your ethics”

“ Thank you for going out of your way to give advice and help. We hope that because of your advice, we can make the right decisions for the future”.

“Thank you so much for all your wise words, support and understanding – it means so much”.

“Your warmth and ethical, skilled, approach has meant so much to me and resulted in an outcome beyond what I’d quietly hoped for”.

“What impressed me about you when I first met you was your intention to be collaborative and settle things reasonably and peacefully, I do think looking back that you maintained that on our behalf and I can walk away feeling that I wasn’t cruelly deceitful or aggressive for the sake of a fight”.

“I’m sure that I’ll come back to you again at some stage as the higher road is not always easy for me but for the moment I consider your advice to be golden and things are going pretty well”.

“Thank you for your wonderful guidance and advice over the past few months. The future looks much brighter now”.