who we are

Bayside Collaborative is a specialist family law firm run by Jane Libbis and Tony Cinque; both experienced and qualified family lawyers trained in collaborative practice.

Jane has formal counselling qualifications, was the founder our Fight Free February campaign and in her personal life is an enthusiastic step-mother and foodie.

Tony is a devoted husband and father, longstanding businessman and has a passion for tennis and technology.

Together, our purpose as family lawyers is to help people who are separating to begin their new lives in a positive way.

We provide an integrated and holistic service that manages the emotional and financial issues that arise from a separation as well as the legal issues

our commitment to you

We will:

  • listen carefully to your needs and goals
  • empower you to make decisions about your life after separation
  • reduce conflict and promote better communication
  • achieve resolution without bitterness and acrimony and without going to court
  • focus on the welfare of children in creating outcomes that recognise each family is unique.

come and see us for a free first consultation to discuss your needs.

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Jane Libbis - Bayside Collaborative

Jane Libbis

Tony Cinque - Bayside Collabrotive

Tony Cinque